Top Functionalities Of SugarCRM System

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The SugarCRM development project was started on the belief that open source technologies had reached maturation point wherein a flexible, fast and feature-rich product or solution could be delivered to organizations without money to burn. SugarCRM in less than two years has proven that a best class CRM system could be built and then delivered to clients in a more economical way. If you are interested in this platform, you can find a SugarCRM developer who could provide you the services you need.

Unlike most CRM offerings, all SugarCRM apps are built natively on the pure Open Source LAMPS platform, such as Windows, Linux, IIS, Apache, PHP, MySQL and SugarCRM. SugarCRM development is a software company that is based in Cupertino, California. Moreover, it produces the web app Sugar or also known as SugarCRM. It is furthermore a customer relationship management system available in both commercial and open source applications. You can get more details about this from a SugarCRM developer.

The functionality of SugarCRM development may include marketing campaigns, sales-force automation, collaboration, customer support, Social CRM, Mobile CRM and reporting as well. The organization operates various websites which include the commercial website,, a development website and Sugar Exchange for third party extensions and also user forums. SugarCRM stands out among the crowded industry of CRM systems. This is due not just for the modular design but also for the ease which you could develop, extend and customize your CRM apps.  Sugar is one of the most popular CRM systems that are available nowadays. As a matter of fact, there are various versions of it.

Watch this video to know what’s new in Sugar CRM and Why to use it :

SugarCRM is freely customizable, distributed and possess rich features set. Implementing Sugar CE in your business process could help boost customer service as well as help you monitor closely the performance of your company. Sugar is suitable for all business types. The app is supported very well and there are a lot of language packs and plugins for Outlook and plenty of free themes as well. The system is written in a popular, simple programming language that could be additionally customized by a PHP programmer. Because of its open source nature, there is a huge devoted community that has thousands of members who will develop and test all new useful solutions. Presently, the current stable release of Sugar CE is the version 6.4.3.

SugarCRM is the world’s top provider of commercial open source CRM software for companies of all shapes and sizes. It offers the highest quality, most innovative, most appreciated and easily customizable business tools. Some services you could avail from SugarCRM development of may include integration or incorporation of SugarCRM to your business, customization and installation of the system and programming and development of new functions and modules.

Below are what SugarCRM could do for you:

1. Manages and monitors customer info easily

2. Sales and marketing department could update info regarding marketing campaign, meeting, sales opportunity, contact details and more

3. Has over 40 tools for integration

4. Customized dashboard per requirements

5. Create multiple accounts for various numbers of clients in a common platform

6. Real-time sales leads vies and numerous marketing campaigns

7. Helps make on-time managerial decisions

8. Authorized users could access it anytime, anywhere

9. Supports numerous languages

10. Provides extensive management of document functionalities


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